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The Foundation Extension Method

The Truth...

Do you consider yourself a client who always puts the HEALTH of your hair first?

Do you LOVE hair extensions, but hesitate to get them in your own hair?

 The truth is that most of those who need hair extensions the most, are the clients you don’t dare install hair extensions on. To name a few: fine, thin, fragile, or damaged hair. Clients with health issues that have affected their hair strength, length and luster. We want our clients to feel beautiful, and as your stylist we want to be able to deliver. but when factors such as these come into play you hesitate. Why? Because the last thing you want to do is cause any damage to a fragile canvas. What if there was a method of hair extensions that would work and be completely safe in your hair. A method that not only gives hair life again, but helps our natural hair to grow longer and stronger during the duration of wearing them?

The Foundation by S. Green is the hair extension method you have been looking for. Our method will actually help get your NATURAL HAIR HEALTHIER! An extension method that will work on any client, in any situation! Making it ideal not only for fine, thin, and damaged hair - But the method we all choose! No matter our hair type! We all want HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! We all want HEALTHY HAIR EXTENSIONS!